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Get started learning how to dress your body type using our body shape calculator or use or body shape guide.

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We have taken the work out of finding the right clothes for your body shape. We search popular stores for sensational clothing, swimsuits and shapeware for women so you don’t have to.

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What is my body type?

Learn How to Dress for Your Body Type!

Ever wonder, "What is my body type?" or what the best body shape is? Your body type is the best body type! We women are all different and learning how to dress for your body type and embracing your body shape is the first step in looking and feeling better. was created to teach women like you how to dress for your body type. There are eight different female body types. You can use our body shape calculator to learn what body shape you are or if you don’t have a tape measure handy, visit our Body Shapes Page to read about the different body types to see which one most closely matches you.

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What is My Body Shape?

You think you know your body shape?
Probably not.

It used to be that women had to be an apple or a pear body type. A study of over 6000 woman has revealed there are many more body types. Once you know your body shape and how to dress it, you will look and feel better.

Why Doesn’t Anything Fit My Body Type?

Clothing Manufacturers need to change their sizing ways.

Clothing manufacturers use the hourglass body type when cutting clothing. Only 8% of woman are hourglass! Unfortunately, if you are like most women, you will need to find a good tailor for a perfect fit.